Thermoformed parts can now compete in markets once thought to be unapproachable. Material suppliers and resin manufacturers are aggressively responding to the need to develop polymers specifically for the thermoforming process, thus allowing thermoformers to compete for these markets. Over the last decade software and thermoforming machine technologies, coupled with the latest in CNC trimming equipment, have advanced the speed, accuracy and repeatability of these processes like never before.

In order to best address the changes in the rapidly growing thermoforming industry, PCI offers training programs to bring anyone in your company up to date in materials, extrusion and thermoforming processes and technologies. Programs are conducted in state-of-the-art training environments using both classroom and hands-on training with topics taught from the basics to the most advanced. outline

Any of our programs can be tailored to reflect your specific needs and then conducted right in your own plant. PCI technical training sessions   which can run from one to three days are designed for companies that want to enter the field of thermoforming, as well as for the experienced thermoformers, including production engineers, designers, processors, researchers and your sales/marketing leaders.

 Thermoforming Technology:

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